Joint Board of Trustees (JBT)

The following are the current Trustees and Alternate Trustees that make up the JBT.

Trustee Appointed/Elected by Term
Susan Arab CSU Trustee
Raymond Arsenault Alternate Retiree Trustee Elected by retirees. Term will expire December 31, 2018
Benoît Bouchard CUPE Alternate Trustee
Marie-Andrée Bourgouin CUPE Alternate Trustee
Jim Costescu CUPE Trustee
Trevor Davies CUPE Alternate Trustee
Heather Dillabaugh COPE Trustee
Linda Duchesne Unifor Local 2023 Alternate Trustee
Brian Edgecombe CSU Trustee
Charles Fleury CUPE Trustee
Amessan Gnawa CSU Alternate Trustee
Tammy Greaves CUPE Trustee
Judy Henley CUPE Trustee
D’Arcy Lanovaz CUPE Alternate Trustee
John Lepine CUPE Trustee
Wendy Lyon COPE Alternate Trustee
Candace Rennick CUPE Alternate Trustee
Pierre-Guy Sylvestre Unifor Local 2013 Trustee
Barry Thorsteinson Retiree Trustee Elected by retirees. Term will expire December 31, 2018
Gary Yee CSU Alternate Trustee


The JBT has established several sub-committees, which play an important role in the CEPP governance. The sub-committees’ structure is described below:

Sub-Committee Mandate, duties and responsibilities Members
Benefits and Member Communications Provides member education (i.e. pre-retirement seminars), communications with plan members (i.e. Report to Members, CEPP Web site, Member Booklet); monitors and reports on benefit related issues as they arise (i.e. Plan text amendments).
  • Marie-Andrée Bourgoin, Chair
  • Jim Costescu
  • Heather Dillabaugh
  • Wendy Lyon
Finance and Audit Ensures that the JBT’s finances, accounting practices and staffing needs are reviewed and reported on annually.
  • Tammy Greaves, Chair
  • Susan Arab
  • Raymond Arsenault
  • D’Arcy Lanovaz
Governance Undertakes annual review of Trustees and Board performance; committee structure including mandates and performance; governance policies of the JBT; performance of legal counsel. Addresses pension plan administrative issues. Works with legal counsel and actuary on legal and legislative issues or updates. Recommends and arranges Trustees’ education.
  • John Lepine
  • Kelly Moist
  • Barry Thorsteinson
  • Gary Yee
Investment Reviews and oversees the investment policies of the JBT, performance of fund managers and overall performance of the JBT investments.
  • Judy Henley, Chair
  • Brian Edgecombe
  • Charles Fleury
  • Amessan Gnawa