Member Services/Contacts

CUPE is the Administrative Agent and has appointed Sister Samtou Tchamdja and her team to provide pension services to members.

If you are a member and need help with any of these matters:

  • Plan enrolment
  • Past service transfers, buy-backs, etc.
  • Pension retirement estimates
  • Calculations for purposes of marriage breakdown
  • Retirement, termination, death benefits
  • Individual pre-retirement counseling session

For active plan members in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince-Edward-Island and Saskatchewan contact:

Carole Lachance (bilingual)
Senior Pension Administrative Assistant
(613) 212-4250

For active plan members in the provinces of New Brunswick, Ontario (National Office and Ottawa Area Office only) Quebec and all retirees across Canada contact:

Nathalie Lavictoire (bilingual)
Senior Pension Administrative Assistant
(613) 212-4251

For pre-retirement seminar registration contact:

Vacant (bilingual)
Pension Clerk-Typist

For questions about:

  • Administration of pension fund
  • Negotiation and administration of Reciprocal Transfer Agreements (RTAs)
  • Administration of policies and procedures
  • Arrangement of pre-retirement seminars
  • Preparation and filing of annual financial statements
  • Preparation and filing of pension plan amendments
  • Financial reconciliation of all pension plan transactions


Samtou Tchamdja (bilingual)
Pension Administrative Officer
(613) 690-3355


Myrianne Sellier (bilingual)
Pension Analyst
(613) 212-3036

To contact the Joint Board of Trustees (JBT):

Caroline Perron (bilingual)
Recording Secretary to the Joint Board of Trustees
(613) 212-4255