Is my retirement pension indexed?

Indexation is provided in years when the financial situation of the CEPP permits it, based on the rules defined in section 13.4 of the CEPP plan text as amended by Amendment #73.

I intend to join the retiree association and I will have to pay membership fees. Can my membership fees be deducted from my monthly retirement benefits?

Yes, membership fees are deducted from the January 1st pension payment. If you wish to have your membership fees deducted from your pension benefits, you must complete the Retiree Association form and return it to the Administrative Agent.

Will income tax be deducted from my pension?

Yes, RBC Investor Services (financial institution which makes the monthly pension benefits payments) will deduct federal and provincial income taxes as if your pension was your sole income. Additional tax deductions can also be requested by contacting the Administrative Agent.

How can I get a copy of my T4A slip?

You may contact the Administrative Agent if you require a copy of your T4A.

I need to change my address. Who do I contact?

You may contact the Administrative Agent if you need to change your address.